The Bake-Off HeartBox
The Bake-Off HeartBox
The Bake-Off HeartBox
The Bake-Off HeartBox
The Bake-Off HeartBox

The Bake-Off HeartBox

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An Exciting Challenge For Your Next Date Night 🧁🍰

With our “Bake-Off” box, you and your significant other can experience a fun night at home filled with activities like a baking competition and sharing a delicious dessert without having to go out!

Share Fun & Memorable Experiences With The People You Love That Will Last Forever

Fortunately, we’ve made just that. A date experience that combines the simple leisurely fun of going out with the cozy and enjoyable moments of staying in. 

When The Night Becomes A Game, Your Date Will Be Entertained.

Imagine how much fun you’d have on date night if you had an exciting challenge, games, and dinner plan lined up? With “The Bake-Off” HeartBox, we’ve made it not only possible to have a great date night at home, but extremely enjoyable

Time To Compete! The Bake-Off Challenge Brings A Fun & Exciting Date Night Activity

Let’s face it, many dates can be boring because they just consist of going out to eat or doing the same things… It’s time to switch it up. Our Bake-Off Challenge will bring some excitement to your date and bring some lighthearted competition. This will give you a new way to have fun on your date nights at home while creating memories that last a lifetime.

Set The Mood With A Custom Soundtrack, Candle, And Cupcakes 🧁 

Our date boxes always come with a soundtrack, candle, and in this case some delicious gourmet cupcakes. We have everything you need to set the mood and make sure your date night has everything it needs to be successful. 

What’s All Included In “The Bake-Off” Box:

(1) HeartBox Welcome Card

(1) HeartBox Instruction Cards

(2) Dessert Boxes (non-vegan)/ Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes

(2) Mystery Ingredients

(1) HeartBox Candle

(2) Soundtracks for your date

(1) Dinner recipe card